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Denrua the Zorua
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I'm Denrua-Chan! Nice to meet you all!
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PaintingTheTurf: ~Val~ New clothes! by Denrua-Chan
PaintingTheTurf: ~Val~ New clothes!
Soooo, I had a random picture of Valerie made just to show off her new clothes in my recent submission to PTT... Welp, here's a less transparent version of it that's still mostly good <XD
Man has it been a while since I tried messing around with shading and lighting that much...

WIN 20160821 14 21 07 Pro by Denrua-Chan

“Sigh, that whole event’s over now... Welp, fun while it lasted, kinda, I guess...” Valerie seemed to murmur to herself as she took off her headphones for a bit, looking over to her beloved charger and making sure it was still in good shape while being among the big crowd within the arena stands and such. She saw familiar faces, lots from the random truth-or-dare sessions most of the squids her age in town seemed to be doing, yet also friends were seen too and seemed like she had a new grudge on an inkling from turf war... Seemed to be a girl using a Splattershot Jr, out of all the weapons possible, that splatted her from behind. That was the quickest glance and observe she had to do in quite a long time- Valerie was getting quite used to most of the locals’ more plainer battle styles after all- but this inkling had Inkopolis gear too...

Speaking about Inkopolis...

“Well that was fun,”

Valerie instantly perked up at a sudden voice. Speakers? There was a stage. One- no- Two inklings there...

"For old-timers. No offense to the shoe store owner."

Shoe store owner? Valerie grew interested. She couldn’t recall well any particularly “old” shoe store owners the last time she had a look around the mall of this city. These two seemed kinda different as well... One looking a bit formal, while the other was all casual, even with a Krak-On Roller with him eh...

She ended up listening to the two very attentively. Mio P. Sena and Sleak Disyne, two squids who supposedly represent an organization wanting to “freshen up” the plain city they were all in right then. They talked about “promising things” like having all new stores with new gear, or at least gear that were as good as Inkopolis’s and more battles that were possibly even better than today. It made her grin widely at the thought that she could actually experience a big turf war first-hand, just like her own big brother.

Valerie took a look at the entire crowd near her- at least as far as her eyesight could handle to try and see all the little details of their reactions or so. It’d be worthless after all, what this group was doing and stuff, if majority of the ones here alone weren’t reacting kindly to their offers or so. But it seemed like it was mostly a positive response to it...


There he is.

Kuro, a kind of “mysterious” inkling Valerie would usually see in a dark blue colored ink and black jacket, standing among the rest of the crowd with that same jacket just slung over his shoulder, with a pure white t-shirt on, the usual turf war shorts... And a visor-headgear that seemed to be that of Inkopolis.

That’s what she had been wondering about previously really. She saw Kuro, on her team or not, during the multiple turf wars, with a Jet Squelcher in hand, shooting multiples from afar or close-up and setting off inkstrikes left and right. This inkling has been one of the ones she’d actually like to hang out with regularly now, and has known quite a bit about him by now. Like that he’s actually a friend of Zak’s, her older brother, when he was in Inkopolis...

That was the main question in her mind now though... Because she could have sworn she saw him frowning, for sure like in disappointment or such, in reaction to the inklings on stage. He had played in the big turf wars before, yet in the past months that she’s been here, he always had seemed so comfortable and quite alright in staying in this city compared to his supposed past. Did he had a bad memory in Inkopolis, the reason this news saddens him? That was the best thing she could come up with, without randomly pushing through the big crowd of people in-between them just to ask... Besides...

She wanted to sign-up their “organization” for sure. They were right after all- most of the higher ups or whatever would just mostly care about whether or not a lot of inklings were in for this change. What if there were already long line-ups wherever they were letting inks sign up and all? She’d just needed a quick dash back to her place and leave her charger there for a bit before signing up... She could run that fast, right? Right, of course she could... Couldn’t she? Valerie shook her head- can’t help but try now!

- - - - - - - - -

Maybe about 10 minutes later, Valerie comes over to the sign-up place and such. She was pretty right about there being a little line there- but maybe within those few moments that the line had already shortened up a bit... Oh whatever, she still got there when there was at least one person left in front of her, lucky enough.

... Not so lucky though when she realized it was the Splattershot Jr user that had splatted her, talking to the more casual announcer from earlier, probably just finished signing up and all. She never got her revenge- a splat back- in that match or any other matches too... It was making her bite her lower lip while making a tight fist as well. Valerie really wanted to get another try at getting this lady down-

“Oh? How long have you been standing there?”

The now green inked inkling turned around to face her. Now that she realized it, she was a lot taller than her for sure, since she took some steps closer to herself. It... Suddenly made her scared with that quite of a height difference. Though she tried her best to stop her shivers and reply.

“N-not long! Don’t worry about it!!” Valerie exclaimed slightly, standing pretty straight on her toes and her head tilted up to look at the probably older inkling at the eyes. Her eyes seemed to look bored to her, though she could sense a little flame within there or something... Passion for turf wars maybe? Oh well, the lady actually bended down to her height and just stared at her for a while.

“... Oh hey, I saw you in a few matches. Those were good games.” She seemed to smile and offered a hand shake to Valerie. Valerie carefully shook back and the lady seemed to just chuckle a bit. “Shy type eh? Or do you think that I bite? Either way...” The green inkling looked away from her “... I gotta go for now. C’ya, maybe, girlie.” She seemed to chuckle at her again, soon leaving the place, though Valerie could have sworn that the lady’s voice went deeper there...

“Erm, excuse me but hey, are you just gonna keep on standing there or something?”

Valerie perked up at that. Oh yeah, the line’s starting to form again and she was already at the start by now. Had to go sign up now, then maybe check out those new stores these guys have up... She went over to the table with the papers and pen, having a small talk or something with the guy with a few questions or so, and signed up. Soon enough, she was going out to the stores now.

The turf wars recently seemed to give a bit more coins in reward than usual or so, and it seemed like a pretty good time to get something new for once now with something to pay with for once. Let’s see here... Old, there before... Ah, there they are, the new shops. Shoes... She didn’t need new shoes. She liked the ones she had right now already. Even if some might have those “abilities” that’d help out on the turf, Valerie would rather being able to wear ones that she’d like to wear anyways...

... A shirt and maybe another “head gear” would be quite good though. Going in the place for the shirts, she noticed the jellyfish lady who seemed to be fixing up the arrangements of some clothing on shelves and such... A look around in the meanwhile wouldn’t hurt, wouldn’t it? She wouldn’t be getting anything and running away with them without paying anyways.

“Shirt, shirt... That kinda looks like a jacket... What’s this supposed to be called again... ! Oh-“

“Excuse me, darling?”

The inkling quickly turned around to face the pink jellyfish. She finally seemed to notice her presence and started walking towards her. They had a bit of a small talk and all for a while as Valerie kinda took the shirt she was looking at earlier and asked if she could try it out for a bit to see if this would be the one that she'll buy and all that. Jesebelle let her do so and soon enough, after payment of course, Valerie got out of store with, well, pretty much a fresher shirt. A Black Layered LS shirt specifically really.

Valerie took a look around and saw the headgear shop again. Quick on her feet now, she got inside. The name of the store was especially making her excited when she did. Why? She loves music, of course, and Skewered Tentacle was a name of a band. And Valerie was very sure of that- and so she had to do her best to not really scream all of a sudden as she saw Kapena playing a ukelele as she sat behind the counter. She tried to act all normal and kept her cool and such as the urchin stood up and went over to her to welcome her to the store and all.

Just like with the previous store, she took a look at all the stuff that were put on display and all such. A cap, which seemed too familiar to her that she didn't wanted it at all, a visor, also reminding her of... A certain squid that she still hasn't had payback on... So no to that as well... Some retro specs which she wasn't that fond of, and a bobble hat that she thought would just be a bit of a burden on her since it just... Seemed pretty big and maybe slightly heavy or something... Finally she saw a type of headgear that she'd be good with though- a bandanna. The Paisley Bandanna to be specific. She tried it on normally, though a bit annoyed with how it was covering her mouth and pulled it down a bit... Still didn't really liked it a lot so after a little thinking she just turned it around, where the knot would have to be the part on her chest, on the front. She grinned widely at this. It was just a simple turn around yet it just... Worked really well for her.

Valerie thanked Kapena and paid for the item, leaving the store and started to walk home. Thinking again, the bandanna really was like a good choice as it didn't really cover her head, and so it wouldn't cause much problems with her headset and all... Yeah, she can still keep on wearing her favorite headset while wearing the bandanna. That's certainly really cool.

As she was about to go inside the apartment she was staying in, she caught sight of Kuro again. He still had his jacket slung over his shoulder and all... Still wearing that other kind of visor as well... And yet when she called him to get his attention, there was something in his hand.

A pair of cups, visibly filled with what she could see was a strawberry type of drink or just a drink that was pretty pink other than the white whip cream on it.

It made her silent for a while. Why did seeing those drinks make her feel a bit... Nostalgic or something...? But to be honest, she wasn't the only one who was just silently staring at the other. When she snapped out of her gaze, she noticed the look on the blue inkling's face. It was a look of... Surprise, yet a little bit of fear too for some reason... And he was mainly staring at her new shirt it seemed.

"... Erm... Kuro...? You okay there, dude?" Valerie ended up asking, taking a few steps closer to him. He suddenly shook his head and started scratching the back of his neck, averting his eyes from her as well... Weird...

"I'm... I'm fine, okay, Erie? I just... I need to get back home quick now- Anko's frappe wouldn't be cold anymore if I'd stay here any longer."

That was all Kuro ended up saying before he ran off. To wherever the heck his home was, to, supposedly, give the other drink to his brother or something... But... He seemed so... Off? He just wasn't acting like he usually would today and it was a bit worrying now... But other than his behavior...

"... Erie...? Since when did Kuro... Call me Erie...? The last time I was called by that nickname..." Valerie looked down on the ground and quickly turned back to the door and went inside, closing it as well instantly. Not now, not today, she didn't want to think about that at all. There seemed to be a lot of things pointing back to that time in this city but no, no... She didn't want to look back on that day now...
Her heart still felt as heavy and broken as it was back then from when that happened... Just to be reminded of it from one word now...
"... Why does it have to hurt so much..." Valerie bit her lip as she wiped away some tears and just sat down on her bed.

More days are coming... Don't get yourself down in the dumps now...

PaintingTheTurf: ~Val~ The Grand Opening Event
To be honest
I like my story haahahaaa...
Word Count: 2302
Gender: Female
Sexuality: pan or bi (I... I'm still not really sure what's the defining difference between the two yet so um, just putting both in to be sure and all)
Height: 5'6 or '7 (hah, I haven't checked <XPP)
Eye colour: dark brown, almost black
Hair colour: black
Relationship status: Shhhhh 83
Favourite colour: Orange! X33 (though also red and yellow too for: both equals orange and with orange, is all the colors of a fire and sunset (sunrise too I guess))
Favourite song: . . . . . Don't ask me that I can't possibly say just one <X'DDD
Favourite band / artist: Hmmmmm... Fall Out Boy, Three Days Grace, Skillet? I think those are three out of many?
Favourite youtuber: NicoB and RageGamingVideos!! :DDD
Favourite food: Bacon, Egg and Garlic rice in the morning -smiles widely-
Favourite family member: Mooooomm <33
Favourite bird: Ummm... I don't really know a lot of bird species by name but uhhh- the Maya Bird? <XPP At least I think it's called a Maya around here <XPP
Favourite animal: Dogs and cats!! <33
Favourite celebrity: I... Don't really have a favorite :3
Favourite time of day: Afternoon-Niiight-
Favourite holiday(s): New Yeaarsss!! :DD
Favourite season: There's only Dry and Wet season over here -sobs- But um, right now, maybe like the very end of the wet season when the Northeast Monsoon has come and brings cold air into the country and just really light rains and so it's not exactly too hot yet it's not stormy either <XDD
Favourite fruit: Banana :D It's sooooftt and I like soft foooodss XDD
Favourite flower:
Favourite emoji(s): These: :33 83 = ) =^w^= Q0Q (I'm sorry I like emojis <X'DDDD)
Favourite hobby: Chatting, drawing, singing, trying to voice act thiiings... <XD
Favourite country: ... Eh <XP
Favourite weather: Cloudy yet not stormy days while also a cool wind without too much sunlight (bASICALLY THE IDEAL WEATHER FOR ME)
Favourite element: Dark/Light/Fire/Ice (why do I like opposites of the other <XDDD)
Favourite language: ... English I guess?? <XPP
Name of your crush: Shhhhhhhhhh 833

Name of your pet(s): Rover, Buster, Angela, Mother Cat (as said in another journal, my little sis said named that cat <XPP), Jerry and Stephanie!! :33 (Angela is another cat, and the others are dogs)
Name(s) of your best friend(s): Lucky, BFG, LoR (1rtrta), Dilly, Tiff, Kristen... Catstar... Evan... ... Even if they could all just be like "friends" I guess I just like them a lot and also I want to say more but I just feel like we don't talk or interact much and so I'm just thinking maybe they don't think I'm a friend anymore or so <XP
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert
Nerdy or sassy: ... Neeeerrddd <X'DDD
Tall or short: I. Hm. Kinda average I guess??
Looks or personality: Personalityyy
Homesick or traveler: ... I can be fine with travel usually <XPP Mom got me used to it since we'd kind of try to go "hotel-hoping" whenever it's vacation.
Musician or artist: ... Somewhat booothhh? <XPP
Woods or city: ... Ciiiityyy <XPP
Tv or youtube: YouTuuubee
Phone or computer: Computeeerrr :33
Family or money: Both since I love family and yet also fam is saving up money and making me do the same by now as well and all, but still tbh as long as my friends and family are doing very well I wouldn't really want to care 'bout the muns as much <XPP
Books or movies: Moooviieeesss <XPP
Food or sleep: ... Sleeeeeeeeeeeppp <XD
Tomorrow - Classes Start
I mean
We were supposed to have school a month ago
So I feel -a little- relief that like "FINALLY let's get this over with"
It's school
I'll get a lot less time online because of school.
Most people I know online are asleep or just -gone- after school time ends for the day.
-facedesk while heavily sighing-

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